the other side of carlos tevez

Monday, July 30, 2012

If you Google Carlos Tevez today, a summary of the headlines would read something like this: "Tevez's Troubles are History".

I surely hope so, because despite his bad boy image the guy can really kick a ball. To put it mildly. Together with Aguero, City probably have one of the most lethal attacking sides in the Premier League.
While a Kop true and through, gotta admit that I hate to love watching the 2011/2012 champs play.

Whatever his reason for exile last season, Tevez proves to have a soft side.

Head of the PR company handling City's affairs in Malaysia noted that the Argentine spearheaded the club's efforts to visit an orphan home in PJ over the usual coaching clinic which took place yesterday.

The visit lasted just over an hour - Tevez was accompanied by teammate, goalkeeper Costel Pantilimon and the City entourage.

Both took turns playing, what else - basketball (uh),  followed by a photo session with the kids. Surely made the kids' day - although I did catch some of them wearing Man United jerseys. Considering he was a Red Devil before, I guess the connection's there? Or they were just rebels. Yeah the latter seemed more like it.

Later on, us media peeps got a chance to get up close to the stars.

The guy on the left is his translator. After all that time in London Y U NO speak English, Carlos??? Hmmmm. However, you are quite the muy caliente. Si si :)

Pantilimon was dripping in sweat at this point. It should be illegal to be that tall (next to anyone less than 5'4).

Am looking forward to watch the boys take on our Malaysian XI tonight at Stadium Bukit Jalil.

If you didn't get tickets, you can still catch them on the box in your living room on Astro Supersports - LIVE no less!

xo Reem

food, glorious food...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

...We're anxious to try it. Three banquets a day. Our favourite diet! - Oliver Twist

Okay so my life, fortunate as it is, barely resembles the innocent Oliver who was trapped in a grim reality with no options.

Although those of you who have observed the fast can probably relate to the trials of restraint and pangs from going a day without food or water, much as the orphan boy did.

Which largely is what the month of Ramadhan is dedicated to - a show of unity against the injustices predicated to those less fortunate. The benefits are plenty, starting from the physical (detoxing, trimming those love handles...) to the spiritual (count your blessings, eliminate evil thoughts, not swear at the douche who rudely swerved into your lane...). I read somewhere once that fasting doesn't change God, it changes you.

Amen to that.

While Ramadhan is about restraining from food, it's also just as much about celebrating food and celebrating around food. No matter how busy our lives are, when the sun goes down, everyone puts their
lifelinesphones/tablets/laptops away and gathers around the table to focus on being humans again. Being humans enjoying the company of other humans, like humans did circa pre-tech era. For like 5 mins, tops. Until someone asks, 'What time does the Olympics Opening Ceremony start?'

'Wait, let me Google it...' -_-

Hope it's not too late to wish my muslim friends Salam Ramadhan! Love & light.

Just 3 weeks to Raya now, wheeee.

Will post another entry on a buka session with my high school friends a little later.

xo Reem

you've got mail

Thursday, July 26, 2012

So most of you may know, or not, that besides being a TV host I've also got a day job because oh, you know... I just had too much free time on my hands.

Now I still have my hands but no time. You win some, you lose some huh?

But I'm not whining. Really I love both jobs so dearly it was hard to pick. So instead of leaving one career for the other I decided to work on both. It's all about time management, and as the saying goes, 'when there is a will there is a way'. You want time, you make it! (in other words, say goodbye to sleep plus your social life).

Am very fortunate that both jobs, even though in complete different industries have something in common: football!

While busy responding to emails today, this popped up in my inbox:

So sweet of them QPR boys, don't you think? Sometimes that's all it takes to show how much you value someone else's efforts: thank you. 2 little words you can never say enough!

If that isn't a dead give away to my other job - here's a clue: it's red, it flies, it's really affordable and most of you have probably flown on it before.

And no, I don't wear those tight red uniforms to work.

xo Reem


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

'I must start a blog, I want to start a blog, I need to start a blog, I should start a blog...'

It's been a debate between my will vs. my lack of will power for months now.

After running out of
reasonsexcuses to add on my 'Reem should never blog' list, I finally got my tush off the couch and started typing away.

Oh who am I kidding? I'm writing this in the comfort and on my very plush couch. However, the only thought swirling in my head now is, 'I have started a blog'

*pat on the back*

why thekopsalad?

1. For the uninitiated, Kop or Kopites are what Liverpool fans are commonly referred to.
There's even a video on how the Kop came about. Watch it here.

2. the defines salad as:


 /ˈsæləd/ Show Spelled[sal-uhd] Show IPA


any mixture or assortment. For example: The usual salad of writers, artists, and musicians attended the party.

3. the was just added for measure. the 'cool' measure. i try. 

Aside from that I've missed writing! For those who've known me long enough, this isn't my first attempt at blogging. I've had 2 other blogs before which are still up and running but I've decided to put the proverbial lock and chain on it.

There are some things a lady simply must keep to herself :)

But most of all, thekopsalad is a tribute to those who've followed the work I've done since I started out in broadcasting, at ESPN. All the support and encouraging words I've received on Twitter & Facebook have not gone unnoticed!

So this blog stands as a platform for me to share a little bit more of what I do behind the scenes & it's also a great way for me to keep in touch with all of you!

So I thank you in advance for the few minutes of your time you've taken and will take to accompany me on this journey. It's gonna be one heck of a ride!

Here's a glimpse of my journey from ESPN to Football Overload on Astro SuperSports:

With Lisa Wong on the set of SportsCenter

the cast of SportsCenter Malaysia: Reem, Luq & Lisa

Missing the ESPN family!

Debut on Football Overload on Astro Supersport Ch 811

Wacky hosts on FO from L-R: Jay, Adam & the tall, dark and handsome (??) Roshan

Guests Prem, Zher & Megan make up the house of rainbow

xo Reem
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