Wednesday, July 25, 2012

'I must start a blog, I want to start a blog, I need to start a blog, I should start a blog...'

It's been a debate between my will vs. my lack of will power for months now.

After running out of
reasonsexcuses to add on my 'Reem should never blog' list, I finally got my tush off the couch and started typing away.

Oh who am I kidding? I'm writing this in the comfort and on my very plush couch. However, the only thought swirling in my head now is, 'I have started a blog'

*pat on the back*

why thekopsalad?

1. For the uninitiated, Kop or Kopites are what Liverpool fans are commonly referred to.
There's even a video on how the Kop came about. Watch it here.

2. the defines salad as:


 /ˈsæləd/ Show Spelled[sal-uhd] Show IPA


any mixture or assortment. For example: The usual salad of writers, artists, and musicians attended the party.

3. the was just added for measure. the 'cool' measure. i try. 

Aside from that I've missed writing! For those who've known me long enough, this isn't my first attempt at blogging. I've had 2 other blogs before which are still up and running but I've decided to put the proverbial lock and chain on it.

There are some things a lady simply must keep to herself :)

But most of all, thekopsalad is a tribute to those who've followed the work I've done since I started out in broadcasting, at ESPN. All the support and encouraging words I've received on Twitter & Facebook have not gone unnoticed!

So this blog stands as a platform for me to share a little bit more of what I do behind the scenes & it's also a great way for me to keep in touch with all of you!

So I thank you in advance for the few minutes of your time you've taken and will take to accompany me on this journey. It's gonna be one heck of a ride!

Here's a glimpse of my journey from ESPN to Football Overload on Astro SuperSports:

With Lisa Wong on the set of SportsCenter

the cast of SportsCenter Malaysia: Reem, Luq & Lisa

Missing the ESPN family!

Debut on Football Overload on Astro Supersport Ch 811

Wacky hosts on FO from L-R: Jay, Adam & the tall, dark and handsome (??) Roshan

Guests Prem, Zher & Megan make up the house of rainbow

xo Reem

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