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Saturday, July 28, 2012

...We're anxious to try it. Three banquets a day. Our favourite diet! - Oliver Twist

Okay so my life, fortunate as it is, barely resembles the innocent Oliver who was trapped in a grim reality with no options.

Although those of you who have observed the fast can probably relate to the trials of restraint and pangs from going a day without food or water, much as the orphan boy did.

Which largely is what the month of Ramadhan is dedicated to - a show of unity against the injustices predicated to those less fortunate. The benefits are plenty, starting from the physical (detoxing, trimming those love handles...) to the spiritual (count your blessings, eliminate evil thoughts, not swear at the douche who rudely swerved into your lane...). I read somewhere once that fasting doesn't change God, it changes you.

Amen to that.

While Ramadhan is about restraining from food, it's also just as much about celebrating food and celebrating around food. No matter how busy our lives are, when the sun goes down, everyone puts their
lifelinesphones/tablets/laptops away and gathers around the table to focus on being humans again. Being humans enjoying the company of other humans, like humans did circa pre-tech era. For like 5 mins, tops. Until someone asks, 'What time does the Olympics Opening Ceremony start?'

'Wait, let me Google it...' -_-

Hope it's not too late to wish my muslim friends Salam Ramadhan! Love & light.

Just 3 weeks to Raya now, wheeee.

Will post another entry on a buka session with my high school friends a little later.

xo Reem

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