skrtel: man of the match or not?

Monday, August 27, 2012

From hero in the first half to zero in the second. To those of you who watched the Liverpool - City match, you know what I'm referring to.

We (Liverpool) are possibly, our own worst enemies on the pitch.
I'm not going to go at length analyzing the match - have a 7am flight to catch tomorrow, and it's now 1.07am - however it was good to see the team play with purpose again. The boys had so much energy and determination, a far cry from their lackluster performance much of last season.

Glimpses of Brendan Rodgers's style were reflected in the game, and though they played brilliantly 2 awful mistakes equals 2 less points to bring to the table. Much to look forward to with this revamped clan, and on a positive note; the Reds were not beaten by the reigning BPL Champs.

I'll be in Singapore most of the week, followed by Hong Kong over the weekend thus postings will be limited (if it isn't very limited already)

Blogging isn't as easy as it seems! Respect to the actual bloggers out there. I'm struggling to find time to write as much as I had hoped to when I started thekopsalad. Will try to be better at this!

xo Reem

selamat hari raya

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

For me, there's no other day in the calender that beats raya - not even my own birthday.

The mutual sense of camaraderie and gratitude for not just for being able to celebrate another raya, but for the presence of each and every person you have come to know in this lifetime is fully realized on this day. We get so consumed in our daily lives to achieve our goals, dreams and making moolah that we often forget that the best in life are the things that are right in front of you - our families, friends & faith (and lets not forget the 4th 'F' - food!).

My raya mornings usually start off with a visit to my grandma's in Petaling Jaya, followed by a visit to the cemetery for prayers to family members who have passed on (grand dad, and cousin). Then back to my grandma's again to dig into some delicious only-once-a-year food including my mum's special sambal goreng (Singaporean dish) and sambal sotong along the usual ketupat, lontong and kuah kacang. My mum comes from a huge family, she's the 2nd of 10 in total and it's always buzzing with excitement when the whole family gathers at my grandmas.

See if you can spot my grandma in the midst of all her cucu (this is only half of the clan - the rest are either overseas or balik kampung to the other side of their family).

Unlike the Chinese tradition who continue to receive ang pows until they are married, we stop getting duit raya once we start working and have to start giving instead, regardless if you are married or not. The Chinese surely got the better end of the bargain huh?

It feels good to be giving instead though. Sort of like being handed the baton of adulthood. Plus it's such a joy to see the look on the faces of the young kids when they receive their packets. My packets are courtesy of Nickelodeon this year.

The best thing about raya though, once the day ends it ain't over! Raya is celebrated the entire month of Syawal from the Muslim calender which includes lots of house visiting. Great for catching up with friends and family but a real hazard to the belly. Guess it makes up for the month long of fasting. God is fair! However once you gulp down way too many cookies please find your way to the gym (I need to learn to practice what I preach -__-)

With one of my closest cousins, we're like sisters! Wearing pink pastel design by PU3.

Here's wishing Selamat Hari Raya Aidilftri to everyone out there! Maaf Zahir Batin for all my shortcomings. Have a lovely and blessed celebrations with your loved ones. Be safe on the roads where ever you are!!

xo Reem


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wow time flies by faster and faster as the years go. Seems like day 1 of Ramadhan was just yesterday, now Raya's in less than 24 hours!

Which got me to thinking, I gotta get this post up before it turns 2000 and late...

Since most Sayfolians couldn't make it to the  first buka session at Double Tree, we did round 2.

Better turn-up rate this time: 14 pax. This my friends, is considered a success. Read the previous post, and you'll understand why. There was no debate however that buffets are not conducive to our diets (or for those of us trying to maintain one, at least) and we narrowed it down to something spicy, Asian, slightly exotic and came up with Korean.

I've always been a fan of kimchi, bulgogi, barbequed meats and not forgetting sushi. Prefer Korean to Japanese sushi, although I've come to the conclusion it's because they're harder to come by in KL, thus the longing is greater. So I expected exactly that or at least a variation of it on the menu when one of the guys, Joe (Korean native bred in KL) suggested Uncle Jung's.

Picked up the menu to find this:

*flips menu front and back*

Um, is this it?

To be fair, there was a list of drinks and side orders but that was it.

Took awhile for me, no wait, ALL of us to register - besides the Korean boy who suggested the restaurant - this is one of those places which specializes in making one great dish (similar to say, the ayam penyet shop) and caters to their regular customers as opposed to walk-ins.

It was so authentically Korean.  Everyone in the restaurant except us were Korean and all the workers spoke the language, even though they looked like they were from Indian heritage, which was pretty cool.

The one dish menu consists of Dak-Galbi: a popular South Korean dish generally made by stir-frying marinated diced chicken in a gochujang (chili pepper paste) based sauce, and sliced cabbage, sweet potato, scallions, onions and tteok (rice cake) together on a hot plate. Thanks for that Wikipedia!

10 seconds in, someone asks 'is it cooked yet?'

5 seconds later 'IS IT COOKED YET?'

another 8 seconds pass... 'I'm going to taste if the chicken's ready'

2 seconds later *spits out raw chicken* 'no it's not'


about 14 mins later (but what seemed like 14 days), our Dak-Galbi is ready to be gobbled

juices/oils will splash. wear the aprons they provide no matter how silly you think you look.

you will look sillier with oil patches on your shirt.

p/s: don't bring a girl here on a first date!

xo Reem

fo's back

Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursdays are back to their weird and wacky ways - back on the set of Football Overload which is just a ball (mind the pun, mind it) to record every time! Not a dull moment and I almost forgot how much fun it used to be and still is. We've got new additions or signings in football lingo, to the show and big, big guests lined up for the season!

Will upload behind the scenes photos in the next few posts, for now, am totally loving this Vita Fede bracelet from the kind peeps at Zalora! Rekindling my love affair with bracelets and the 'stacks trend' at the moment, and this does just about enough to satiate the obsession.

xo Reem

whisked away

Monday, August 13, 2012

The best way to cure separation anxiety with the weekend is to pop by your favorite coffee joint on a Sunday night and treat your senses to some heavenly espresso blends.

My pick in town is the cozy espresso bar + bake shop: Whisk.

I've been craving for their delectable treats since the start of Ramadhan, but simply couldn't find the time to squeeze in a coffee-run. That, plus the fear of caffeine in my system after 6pm. No sleep plus me equals a girl in the dumps, even I wouldn't want to be friends with. You have been warned.

Speaking of warnings, here's one from Whisk:

If you're into run-of-the-mill coffee flavoured milk stuff, there's a Starbucks next door.

Now, I'm no coffee expert and far from being a purist but as a fan of this magical often misunderstood brew that makes the world go round and run (what would Monday mornings be without it?!), I know good coffee when I sip one.

And so do the good people at Whisk. Bless them for introducing good no-nonsense cuppas to us.

I love the texture of their foams.

To me, that is the mark of a coffee well made.  The appreciation comes thanks to a part-time job at an Italian patisserie back when I studied in Australia.

Countless cups of milk went down the sink daily due to my uncoordinated (in)ability to steam milk. You need the innate skill to tilt the steel pitcher at a precise angle, at the right temperature, with the right amount of movement & pressure from the steam wand. It is an art. That I do not have. It was all very foreign and I end up creating big air bubbles within the foam every time. This is a major no-no. The Italians practice scrupulous discipline when it comes to coffee. If the foam was too bubbly, no way in hell was it going out to the customer.
nutella coffee

See, perfect froth made with love.

I always order the flat white served in a Nutella rimmed glass, an exclusive to Whisk. Haven't found this anywhere else in KL.

It's their take on the cafe mocha. I don't even know what it's actually called since the 1st time I had it, a friend ordered it for me. I usually call it 'coffee with Nutella thing'.

The result is a smooth, creamy, all rounded taste. The Nutella adds a nuttish, chocolate goodness that goes so well with the slight bitterness of coffee. Heavenly addictive!

Also had a slice of Pink Stacks, because you know, I wouldn't want the 'coffee with Nutella thing' to go down my tummy all by its lonesome self.

A pink gradient buttercake with a hint of rose is the stuff of every girl's dream no? Served on a rainbow platter atop a fluffy cloud tray by a mint green unicorn adorned with a crystal studded tiara...

There's a 5 year old toddler living in my subconscious that hopes tooth fairies and the Carebears exist despite the contrary.

And her choice of white knight would be? The Dark Knight. Batman.

xo Reem

pandelela rinong

Friday, August 10, 2012

Bronze and silver are the new gold, I tell you.

Was going to put up a post tonight about the hectic week I just had, but I'd do no justice to this fine young lady if I waited that long.

Olympic fever got to a record high this morning when the nation woke up to find that Pandelela just won a bronze in the Women's 10m Platform.

Not just any bronze medal. A historic one at that.

The petite Sarawak-ian is the first Malaysian woman to win an Olympic medal and the first medal outside of badminton.

CONGRATULATIONS PANDELELA! We're so proud of you, and extremely happy for you. Bask in every glory in this moment, girl! You deserve it for your hard work & fighting spirit (her first dive scored only 58.50 which put her in 10th position). Congrats to the coaches and staff of the national diving team too :)


Credit to The Star for the picture - I wouldn't have been stable enough to take this photo even if I were in London. I'd be too excited, jumping around celebrating her win!

xo Reem

lee chong wei cinches silver & adds malaysia to medal tally at london2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Now that's a copy that should be making headlines.

Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't this 2nd silver medal of the games (+ Beijing '08) make him the most successful Malaysian Olympiad, ever?

I speak for all Malaysians when I say this: We are EXTREMELY PROUD of you LCW! No medal can quantify how you've brought the nation together tonight. You're an inspiration and a national hero.

LCW fought his match right up til the last point and never gave up. It was probably one of his best games against Lin Dan - who I've now likened to the Ronaldo of badminton. Super at his game but also super arrogant. Good guys always finish last, and this scene was simply heartbreaking to watch:

Followed by an even more heartbreaking tweet from his official account:

Heroes shouldn't say sorry, and quite frankly there are other people *coughpoliticianscough* out there who should be apologizing for screwing up the country.

So he didn't get Gold, and we didn't hear Negaraku played in London. Or free ice-cream (not funny how many people were seriously upset about this, of all things!!)

You're still a LEGEND Mr Lee, and here's how I'd like to remember you by:

42 titles & ranked World No.1 for 199 consecutive weeks

xo Reem

of friends and food

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Caught up with my friends from school the other day over Ramadhan buffet but boy, was it hard to pick a date that everyone was free let alone a place to eat.

Some of the messages on our Whatsapp group of about 15 people were:

'I'm on call again'

'Not well - lets do it next week'

'I can't Tues, Wed & Thurs - working late'

'No! I want Western food please!'

After over 20 years knowing half these people (most of us started in Sayfol from kindergarten up til graduation) we're still the indecisive bunch we always were. This happens everytime we plan a large gathering! I'm going to break that habit and call the shots next time. Be there or be square people!!! Please be there, please?

It took us about an hour to decide the who, when and where.

In the end only 6 of us could make it to the buffet at Makan Kitchen, Double Tree

Food was spread out over truly traditional kampung decor

Some of the dishes we generously gorged down:

...and when the food couldn't fit into our tummies anymore it went to our heads. we ended up doing this:

sigh, cannot take these people to fancy restaurants *shakes head*

half an our later, we got our sanity back in time for a group shot. this one goes into the photo album

xo Reem

safee sali sings

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There's a reason why our national football hero is a hero.

  1. He's the best striker not just in our generation but possibly in Malaysia's 55 year history.

  2. He plays professionally for Indonesian Super League club Pelita Jaya.

  3. He earns a gajillion dollars for point No.2

  4. Despite point No.2 + 3 he is extremely, and I mean extremely humble, modest & down to earth on both occasions I've met him

  5. And wait before you go on asking, shouldn't every hero have his own comic book? He can kick his boots back on that one. Check! Been there, done that

  6. However, the main reason he's beats David B as the super-duper-uber-extreme golden-premier hero of all time is... *drum roll* because he sings!

*cricket sounds*

Hey, give the guy credit. He's actually good at it and I literally swooned. Not gonna show you a picture of that. But here's my attempt at getting him to showcase his off pitch (like off the grass, not out of tune...) talent to the world:

Make sure you tune into the new season of Football Overload coming back to your flat-LCD-LED- 3D-HD-whatever-bombastic-tech-I-can-never-keep-up-with-wide-60" screens mid-August to watch him croon a tune!

xo Reem
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