lee chong wei cinches silver & adds malaysia to medal tally at london2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Now that's a copy that should be making headlines.

Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't this 2nd silver medal of the games (+ Beijing '08) make him the most successful Malaysian Olympiad, ever?

I speak for all Malaysians when I say this: We are EXTREMELY PROUD of you LCW! No medal can quantify how you've brought the nation together tonight. You're an inspiration and a national hero.

LCW fought his match right up til the last point and never gave up. It was probably one of his best games against Lin Dan - who I've now likened to the Ronaldo of badminton. Super at his game but also super arrogant. Good guys always finish last, and this scene was simply heartbreaking to watch:

Followed by an even more heartbreaking tweet from his official account:

Heroes shouldn't say sorry, and quite frankly there are other people *coughpoliticianscough* out there who should be apologizing for screwing up the country.

So he didn't get Gold, and we didn't hear Negaraku played in London. Or free ice-cream (not funny how many people were seriously upset about this, of all things!!)

You're still a LEGEND Mr Lee, and here's how I'd like to remember you by:

42 titles & ranked World No.1 for 199 consecutive weeks

xo Reem


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