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Friday, August 10, 2012

Bronze and silver are the new gold, I tell you.

Was going to put up a post tonight about the hectic week I just had, but I'd do no justice to this fine young lady if I waited that long.

Olympic fever got to a record high this morning when the nation woke up to find that Pandelela just won a bronze in the Women's 10m Platform.

Not just any bronze medal. A historic one at that.

The petite Sarawak-ian is the first Malaysian woman to win an Olympic medal and the first medal outside of badminton.

CONGRATULATIONS PANDELELA! We're so proud of you, and extremely happy for you. Bask in every glory in this moment, girl! You deserve it for your hard work & fighting spirit (her first dive scored only 58.50 which put her in 10th position). Congrats to the coaches and staff of the national diving team too :)


Credit to The Star for the picture - I wouldn't have been stable enough to take this photo even if I were in London. I'd be too excited, jumping around celebrating her win!

xo Reem

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