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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There's a reason why our national football hero is a hero.

  1. He's the best striker not just in our generation but possibly in Malaysia's 55 year history.

  2. He plays professionally for Indonesian Super League club Pelita Jaya.

  3. He earns a gajillion dollars for point No.2

  4. Despite point No.2 + 3 he is extremely, and I mean extremely humble, modest & down to earth on both occasions I've met him

  5. And wait before you go on asking, shouldn't every hero have his own comic book? He can kick his boots back on that one. Check! Been there, done that

  6. However, the main reason he's beats David B as the super-duper-uber-extreme golden-premier hero of all time is... *drum roll* because he sings!

*cricket sounds*

Hey, give the guy credit. He's actually good at it and I literally swooned. Not gonna show you a picture of that. But here's my attempt at getting him to showcase his off pitch (like off the grass, not out of tune...) talent to the world:

Make sure you tune into the new season of Football Overload coming back to your flat-LCD-LED- 3D-HD-whatever-bombastic-tech-I-can-never-keep-up-with-wide-60" screens mid-August to watch him croon a tune!

xo Reem

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