selamat hari raya

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

For me, there's no other day in the calender that beats raya - not even my own birthday.

The mutual sense of camaraderie and gratitude for not just for being able to celebrate another raya, but for the presence of each and every person you have come to know in this lifetime is fully realized on this day. We get so consumed in our daily lives to achieve our goals, dreams and making moolah that we often forget that the best in life are the things that are right in front of you - our families, friends & faith (and lets not forget the 4th 'F' - food!).

My raya mornings usually start off with a visit to my grandma's in Petaling Jaya, followed by a visit to the cemetery for prayers to family members who have passed on (grand dad, and cousin). Then back to my grandma's again to dig into some delicious only-once-a-year food including my mum's special sambal goreng (Singaporean dish) and sambal sotong along the usual ketupat, lontong and kuah kacang. My mum comes from a huge family, she's the 2nd of 10 in total and it's always buzzing with excitement when the whole family gathers at my grandmas.

See if you can spot my grandma in the midst of all her cucu (this is only half of the clan - the rest are either overseas or balik kampung to the other side of their family).

Unlike the Chinese tradition who continue to receive ang pows until they are married, we stop getting duit raya once we start working and have to start giving instead, regardless if you are married or not. The Chinese surely got the better end of the bargain huh?

It feels good to be giving instead though. Sort of like being handed the baton of adulthood. Plus it's such a joy to see the look on the faces of the young kids when they receive their packets. My packets are courtesy of Nickelodeon this year.

The best thing about raya though, once the day ends it ain't over! Raya is celebrated the entire month of Syawal from the Muslim calender which includes lots of house visiting. Great for catching up with friends and family but a real hazard to the belly. Guess it makes up for the month long of fasting. God is fair! However once you gulp down way too many cookies please find your way to the gym (I need to learn to practice what I preach -__-)

With one of my closest cousins, we're like sisters! Wearing pink pastel design by PU3.

Here's wishing Selamat Hari Raya Aidilftri to everyone out there! Maaf Zahir Batin for all my shortcomings. Have a lovely and blessed celebrations with your loved ones. Be safe on the roads where ever you are!!

xo Reem


  1. Hello reem! I've always seen you on FO. You're very pretty! :D

  2. You're so beautiful :)

  3. Hazmi! Going through this blog I've seen three familiar faces already. Prashant and then Sim, now Hazmi. Of course a ton of other famous faces too.


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