darkest before the dawn

Monday, September 24, 2012

I write that title with much optimism towards Liverpool's future despite last night's result. 5 games with no win, made even more frustrating by the fact that their overall pace and performance are evidently better than it has been all of last season... Whilst listening to the Florence & The Machine song of the same title.

Although it can be argued that referee Mark Halsey played a crucial role in United's win for those 2 undeserved fines, the Reds simply wasted too many good opportunities that could've easily won them 3 points.

Even with 10 men, they where threatening as Gerrard and Allen dominated midfield. Substituting young Suso was a good move in reshuffling the formation after Shelvey's dismissal (and for the record, it was a one-footed challenge on Evans, who should've also gotten a red in my opinion). Suarez, always resilient but often too enthusiastic, got the better of him - again. He needs to look up more when he's dribbling the ball around! And RVP, where were you before that penalty? Non existent. Barely a threat to our defense. All that plus home ground advantage, victory to the Reds was just as disillusioned as a mirage is to a weary traveler under the baking sun in the expansive desert.

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert in the technicalities of football, in fact, part of the reason for me starting the blog was to improve my understanding of the game and to be a better writer.

This article by Chris Bascombe pretty much nails it though.

Keep the faith Kops!
xo Reem

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