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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Whoever said golf was the most boring sport ever, has obviously never played mini golf!

The Bee, Publika recently hosted a mini golf competition on their usual BBQ Sunday lineup with the good people from Green Putters. I love their tag line - bringing the grass to you. In case, you know, the cows got to them before you.

I've turned out to be somewhat of a house cat lately, having lost touch with the cool and happening reality taking place outside my doorstep, because The Bee is all the buzz these days.

See what I mean. Everyone's cool and totally hip, effortlessly grasping a putter in their casual Sunday dress.

I on the other hand am neither hip or dressed appropriately. Nor do I know what to do with a putter, apparently.

To be fair I swung by from an open house.

Lucky for me, those heels tuned my center of gravity just where it should be, to put me on par for the first 3 holes!

The aim of the competition was to stay on par (Par 2 per hole, 4 holes altogether) or less in the least amount of time and you'll walk away with a digital camera. I had my eyes set on a higher purpose though - bragging rights!

I was up against 6-7 guys from Sayfol (ex-school mates) who were sooo confident I'd mess up my shots. After my 2nd par they were in awe. The first they thought was a fluke. By the 3rd par, their jaw literally dropped. How could a girl who didn't know how to hold a putter beat them?!?

Thank you heels. *waves hand in the air* "Thank you, thank you very much..."

Watch out, Michelle Wie!

The glory lasted all of 3 holes. On the 4th, I got all jittery from the pressure and scored 4 over par. I blame the course - it was impossible to get the ball through this itty bitty obstacle.

So close. My overall score was 12. No camera, no bragging rights but enough to rival the boys' score.

It was heaps fun despite my dreams of joining Ms Wie on the LPGA Tour, shattered...

Maybe I'll apply to be her life coach instead, and teach her to wear heels on the green.

xo Reem


  1. i played goofball before but i didn't expect that someone would do an event out of it.i think people should have it more often,good for casual-socializing.perhaps somebody should even put a theme on it, like "kain pelekat vs kain batik". who knows it might spice up the moment, i mean we already knew wearing songket plus heels while putting the ball could be a successful attempt ..

  2. This is a fantastic and insightful read. Keep it up Reem! <3


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