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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Office post!

Haven't written much about my other 'day' time job over at AirAsia, so let's dig into the details...

As previously stated, no I don't wear those tiny red uniforms - wouldn't do them justice anyway with my height, more like lack of it.

But it does include a lot of traveling, especially around the region. As you know AirAsia has expanded tremendously in its young 10 year history and have established offices or A.O.Cs (Airport Operator's Certificate) in Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Japan. The biggest advantage of obtaining an A.O.C is the license t0 fly commercial, domestically.

For example: Airline M does not have an A.O.C in Indonesia. Thus it can fly from KL to Jakarta or KL to Bali but not Jakarta to Bali.

In essence, whatever services and products that are developed here in Malaysia has to be replicated in the various countries to capture the local market. Hence the traveling.

Will go in depth on my specific role and responsibilities in another post. One of it though, does include the occasional food testing. On today's menu: coffee! The perfect pick-me-up after a long work week.

Won't be long before you get to purchase a cuppa from one of the biggest coffee chains in the world (hint: not the green mermaid) on board your next flight!

Now I'm all set for the weekend!!!

Have a good one everyone :)
xo Reem

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