You know how writers always stumble upon writer's block? Yes it happens to non-writers too.

I'm not a writer, professionally - although I had hoped to be at one point or another growing up - but I have some sort of block. Or an aversion to form an opinion on anything of late, just because. So I came up with a list of lies to excuse myself from posting -

1. When I'm not writing up a post, my thoughts are engaged in writing, thus I am writing. You just can't see it

2. Just a few more minutes on Zalora, Net-a-porter, Fashionvalet etc

3. Just a few more minutes on anything other than Wordpress

4. I need a new camera. I need a new phone. I just need the iPhone 5

5. I can't decide if the Samsung S3 is indeed better than the iPhone 5

6. Snapping photos and making mental notes at an event to blog about later robs me from the experience to fully indulge in the moment

7. Liverpool are still at the bottom half of the table

8. My hair is too long and I need a hair cut (???)

9. I'm turning mid late 20's in 15 days, and aging just means more cellulite (double ???)

10. I don't need to reveal every detail of my life on the Internet because a) everyone will read it, b) no one will read it

And there you have it, today's random thought.

xo Reem