10 lies i tell myself

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

You know how writers always stumble upon writer's block? Yes it happens to non-writers too.

I'm not a writer, professionally - although I had hoped to be at one point or another growing up - but I have some sort of block. Or an aversion to form an opinion on anything of late, just because. So I came up with a list of lies to excuse myself from posting -

1. When I'm not writing up a post, my thoughts are engaged in writing, thus I am writing. You just can't see it

2. Just a few more minutes on Zalora, Net-a-porter, Fashionvalet etc

3. Just a few more minutes on anything other than Wordpress

4. I need a new camera. I need a new phone. I just need the iPhone 5

5. I can't decide if the Samsung S3 is indeed better than the iPhone 5

6. Snapping photos and making mental notes at an event to blog about later robs me from the experience to fully indulge in the moment

7. Liverpool are still at the bottom half of the table

8. My hair is too long and I need a hair cut (???)

9. I'm turning mid late 20's in 15 days, and aging just means more cellulite (double ???)

10. I don't need to reveal every detail of my life on the Internet because a) everyone will read it, b) no one will read it

And there you have it, today's random thought.

xo Reem


  1. just get the iphone 5.. no doubt s3 are a great device.. but iphone 5 suit you nicely..

  2. i think u can tell the story of ur life because there's people gonna read it . especially, me!!HAHA

  3. Hello!

    This may seem awkward that a random bloke has stumbled upon your blog. I actually watch Football Overload but didn't know your name until Mr Dasey mentioned it was Reem after a certain football team's which I shall store in secrecy. Alas Google makes it all to impossible not to stalk and since I'm not doing much for the past few months heck I guess its permissable. Anyways, just to inform you that it is actually possible to have friends supporting Man U and Liverpool. A good case is my (guy)?friend who supports Liverpool and me who *clears throat* supports Man U. We've been good mates since kindergarten. Watch Liverpool and Man U games together every now and then. Disses during games are a norm and taken in good spirit. There goes the team I vowed to secrecy. Whenever people see your face it will remind them about the good vibe when watching football as compared to visions of tyranny when a certain face crops up. Dubya you say?

    P/S: Oh, the answer to one of the lies you tell yourself is actually somewhere in the middle. Someone (me) rather than everyone read some (rather than all) of your posts. So, since a) and b) is a lie I guess my version is the truth! Proves the ol' saying that most things in life is not black and white but grey eh?


  4. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for dropping by! I'm not sure who this vision of tyranny you refer to, but for me they're mostly fans of United (take it in good spirit - thanks!). All's fair in love and football :)

  5. Dear Reem,

    I almost forgot to reply to your comment! Somehow my subconscious mind told me that I have replied. Prolly it was just a dream I mistook for reality.

    Versions of tyranny refer to George W. Bush. His nickname is Dubya.

    Sadly for Man U we haven’t bought any players yet.

    P/S: Is Football Overload show still going in the off season?

    Drop me an e-mail anytime. Who knows? Prolly we could hang out and bitch about football, lousy bosses, life and all that jazz. Hopefully you don’t think I’m some kind of a creepy internet stalker. But if you still do well then…. =(

    *stares back at the computer for some fancy equation modelling until the clock hits that magical 5.30 p.m., le sigh*



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