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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

There's something about men and balls.

The sporting kind, snap back to reality, this is somewhat your typical family friendly blog written by a girl.

This general fixation with all things round have you guys chasing, hustling, kicking, hitting, bouncing and largely fighting (in every sense of the word) each other to essentially prove who has the biggest *ahem* balls. This time I refer to the junk.

I'm sure there is an existential theory out there that has some proven relativity to this ongoing obsession, but I've decided long ago that there's a huge probability I got some version of testosterone that relishes field balls just as much.

Football's a given, and a few others I favor include tennis, basketball and rugby. Which isn't basically American football without the pads. I don't consistently watch rugby aside from the bigger events, and when I do, I usually wonder why I don't make it a habit to watch it more often. The set plays and formation are lovely to watch. It may seem like an oxymoron with the amount of contact in the sport, however the passing in reverse laterals come off as somewhat, graceful.

So I had the pleasure of working over the weekend covering the action packed Borneo Sevens International Club Tournament hosted by the Sandakan Rugby Club, home of the Borneo Eagles and Sabah Eagles.

The team hard at work to bring live streaming of the entire tournament. They did such a brilliant job, so proud of them! All I did was finish those pack of Chipsmore cookies you see on the table there. Now you see it, now it's in Reem's tummy.

My vantage point

One of my most favourite pictures ever, that I took on my iPad *pat on back*

The Borneo Eagles were runners up in the competition, second only to the Fijian club Daveta.

I even managed to get Adam (also known as ACDC) to put on a my favourite piece of clothing. How? Now that story deserves a whole other post. If I ever feel the need to justify it. Because essentially, no one and I mean no one, needs a reason to don a Liverpool top.
xo Reem

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  1. Hi there,
    Thank you very much for fatastic live streaming of the international club 7's. My son Wayne Gibson played for Cobra. Can you help me to get footage of the four Cobra games please? I am willing to pay for your expense

    Jeff Gibson


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