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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Have any of you attended a baby shower before? If you're above 25 chances are you've been to a few already by now and if you haven't, go crash one (please don't quote me on that, I refuse to be held responsible when a hormone enraged woman comes after you).

They're extremely fun, not to mention funny (one of the girls actually strained her neck and took a Panadol from laughing too hard). If anything baby showers are just an excuse to gather your closest girl friends and act silly before you lose them forever upon baby arrival.

Our very own Hunny or better known to the world as Hunny Madu, is about to undergo a life changing experience from peace to no sleep, smelly diapers and shrill screaming all day everyday in just a few weeks so we thought we'd throw her a special going away party before the storm hits. Since she's weird, wacky and acts like a monkey it was only apt that the shower was themed Animal Safari.

One of the games we played was Kiss the Owl. How it works is that, an owl is passed around the table and each person had to kiss a part of the owl and remember where they kissed it. Simple right? Here's the punchline: Hunny now becomes the owl! So wherever you kissed the owl earlier, you now have to do the same on the mummy to be. Needless to say, there were a few lip locking and bum kissing involved.

And no baby shower is complete without some diaper action! Which I graciously lost, I might add.

Animals of the enchanted Madu Forest

Funny how 'ROARRR!' was behind the owl instead of the panther. Or just art imitating life? She is the feisty one. I'm just a little kitty. Peace!

Told you she was a monkey. M for monkey, not madu.

Hehe. Monkey with the biggest heart. Baby madu is going to be one lucky girl. We're counting down the days!

xo Reem

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