Saturday, November 17, 2012

Every time I return home from a trip, I feel cultivated and enriched with new experiences no matter how near or far the journey was. The chance to explore a new destination or revisit an old one is a passion shared by almost everyone I've ever met and spoken with. I personally don't remember ever coming home from a business trip or holiday thinking, 'that was the worst experience ever!'.  Because it never is.

Okay, maybe it sucks a little that I haven't watched a proper Liverpool match for 3 weekends in a row. Derby, Newcastle and Chelsea. But thank technology for all its binary greatness, I was with you all for every dive, offside and goals both for and against. Case in point, I was midway through dessert at Union (in Plaza Senayan) when I got the devastating news that Terry had scored. I squealed a loud 'NOOOO' and pushed the rest of my cake aside. I never push cake aside okay? Especially not my birthday cake. That was brutal.

We did manage to salvage a point from that game, and all was not lost. Aside from that temporary heartbreak (a positive sign that despite these
trying'developing' times for the club, I'm still firmly enthused) I had an amazing weekend in Jakarta full of laughter, food plus a session at the spa.

I've been to  j-town plenty in recent years but mostly for work and with family, so I never really got around their social or culinary scene much like I did this time. The interiors of the restaurants we went to had character, and were thoughtfully designed - elegant yet casual - a scenic and relaxing ambience just screaming to be photographed. Every last detail had purpose, as opposed to an after thought. And where we stayed, was just as charming.

Stumbled upon Ocha and Bella, an industrial-chic eatery by the hotel that I absolutely adore!

When I have my own home, my dining room floors will look exactly like the one from Ninty-Nine at Grand Indonesia

The mini heart attack, no thanks to John Terry, at Union in Plaza Senayan

I can safely say that I've fallen in love with j-town's New York meets Asia vibe. Will be back there in less than 48 hours for a business trip. But not before I catch the Wigan match in KL, KL.

xo Reem

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  1. indonesia love's reem shahwa.. kita serumpun :)


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