bye 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Now that was quick wasn't it?

Felt like we just celebrated the dawn of 2012, slightly nerved by the possibility that the world could come to an end (RIP Mayans). But here we are still standing, breathing and watching football.

If I could put a theme to 2012 for me, it was a year of change. Lots of it. Personally, professionally, physically and even spiritually. While they say change is the only constant, and often for the better, it is always accompanied by some sort of draw back and discomfort.

My dad once told me, 'you can't build a new house, until you tear down the old one'. Imagine the process of deconstructing an old house or rather, bulldozing through it. Debris, dust, in short, chaotic. No one wants to live in that sort of environment.

But in its place, you now have a blank canvas to start over and design a brand new spanking home to fit your exact whims and fancies. Yes, I'm talking to you Brendan Rodgers, sir. Liverpool are in a rubble, so please take this January transfer window as an opportunity to bring in your dream strikers/attacking midfielders that we desperately need.
On that note, for 2013, lets all aspire higher. Aim for the moon, and even if you fail, at least you'll land among the stars. That's like poaching for Messi but reeling in Franco Di Santo instead.

A girl can dream.

Happy 2013 everybody!

xo Reem


xmas wishlist

Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's that time of year again, Christmas is just around the corner making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Now, we may not have snow or a big tree like the one at Rockerfeller Center but we do have beautifully decorated malls (Pavilion wins hands down this year) and a Home Alone DVD to dwell in the festivities.

I did my Christmas shopping today, which is possibly my favourite part of the season. Or any season really, not that I need an excuse to shop but it's more fun shopping gifts for others and relishing in glee at their reaction (hopefully a positive one) when they unwrap it.

Which got me to thinking about the perfect gift(s) for the Kop at heart that I assume are absolutely fail-proof.

1. LFC Official Membership

Nothing says you're a truer fan than this. Plus you get a member's pack which comes with a cute scarf that you can wrap around the lips of your loud, proud, swollen headed United fiends  friends.


2. Liverpool FC Heroes

More than just an official coffee table book, it gives insight on the personal lives of legends who've played for 'pool the past 50 years. A great addition to any Reds' collection.

Take it to another level, and get 1 of the legends featured to sign off, like this one I received on my birthday :)


Aside from those 2, most importantly what every Kop living in the 21st century needs is...




...a Survival Kit!

The hardest thing for a fan is to watch your team lose. Constantly. Especially, at home ground.

Brendan Rodger's crest fallen expression. Gerrard shaking his head. Suarez arguing with the refs for not penalizing a defender's blatant foul. The team walking back to the tunnel with their heads down. Devastating stuff.

But as fans, you suck it up, continue giving moral support and hope for the best. We'll get our pot of gold eventually.

In the mean time, give a Kop a fun and resourceful kit to cheer them up. Let your creative juices flow with this one.

1. Kleenex: to dry your tears

2. Panadol: to numb that painful feeling in your gut

3. ear plugs: to block out the never ending wisecracks. If I had a penny for every history channel joke I hear...

4. a tub of Baskin-Robbins' Pralines & Cream: because from young we were taught that ice cream makes everything better. Warning: may cause weight gain

5. rubber band: to keep you bouncing back

6. and lastly, this video: to remind you, that you'll never walk alone



Have a holly jolly Christmas this year everyone! :)

xo Reem

building teams

Friday, December 21, 2012

I haven't posted much on my 'day time' job lately with the big red flying machine that makes traveling around Asia feel like a domestic journey.

Over the weekend, some of us from Branding & Ancillary were whisked away to Phuket for a team building session which I felt eclipsed into a beach getaway with 30 friends instead of your work buddies. Nothing too surprising, as the work culture built around AirAsia injected with Tony's personality was not meant to be too rigid or formal. As the saying goes, we work hard but play even harder.

There are few things in life worse than a 6am flight. Watching the sun rise made up for it though.


On the steps of our hotel. Way before the island's charm turned me into little Lilo (of Lilo and stitch)

Somewhere in between checking-in and the Aston Villa match (worst. result. EVER) we rode on ATVs across a 50 acre plantation and competed in a few team building activities. Unfortunately I have no photos, since I stored all my stuff in the locker, which was a good thing since it rained 5 minutes into our ride. It was cold, it was muddy, but most of all it was fun. You haven't lived if you haven't done this once in your life.


Watched first 15 mins of the match in a bar at Patong. We soon left for a foot massage, saving me the agony of Benteke's first goal.

C'est la vie.

Go on a boat ride and heal your wounded football heart.


Or have lunch by the beach with a bunch of friends


Soon enough you'll be back up on your feet again. Or in an inflatable canoe taking silly photos


xo Reem

from blogs to vlogs

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Since I haven't had much luck (read: bad time management) with blogging on a regular basis, I thought why not record video logs?

I'm not shifting completely though, because I still enjoy the occasional writing.

So here goes nothing...

xo Reem


jenny from the block

Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't be fooled by the rocks that she's got, JLo will perform for you rain or shine - living up to the phrase, 'the show must go on'. It was crummy weather for a concert (in an uncovered stadium) but I think after Urbanscapes, Malaysians have embraced rain to incorporate colorful raincoats and wellies as an extension of their style.

The minute Miss Lopez stepped out though, it was more like, rain? what rain?

There's no other way to put it, I loved the show. Love love love. 4 days on, I'm still trying to find a cure for the inevitable symptoms of JLo withdrawal (on loop on my phone, laptop and car).

The concert was split into 4 parts: Old Hollywood Glamour, Back to the Bronx, Love (my fave!) and Partying complete with videos and choreographed dances in transition. Every element was thoughtfully placed, and nothing was put on without purpose. Above all she mastered her connection with the audience. Sort of makes you feel you're at a mamak having tehtarik with an old friend who's confiding in you. Okay, maybe more like cocktails at a bar with 'On the Floor' playing in the background.

There was plenty of entertainment, pyrotechnics, confetti, eye candy (omg her dancers are hotter than the hottest hot I've ever seen - *swoon*), energy and not forgetting booty action!! The lady can move! Her energy levels are insane.

Oh I could go on singing praises about her but here are a couple of snapshots from the concert;




Although the concert's known as the Dance Again World Tour, its underlying theme was essentially, love. In between songs, she asked the audience what is love, what it means when you find it, and what it personally meant to her.


About an hour into her set, she delivered a moving performance of 'Until It Beats No More' set against a video backdrop of her playing with her twins and gushed that “she finally found true love”. So sweet! We love you JLo, we do. Wouldn't put on a RM8 plastic raincoat or ruin our sandals walking in mud otherwise.

xo Reem

when the week ends...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

...we all cheer and chant TGIF!

I don't know about you, but what I look forward to most when the weekend comes around is the chance to catch up with my family, friends and of course football (Check, check and check).

Last weekend though was not your typical average ordinary weekend because Malaysia beat Indonesia for a spot in the AFF Suzuki Cup semi-finals! (also, the one and only J Lo graced our shores with an amazingly, superb, fantastic performance that I'm still gushing about to everyone 2 days later - which deserves a post of it's own that I'll update soon).

I had the pleasure of being at Bukit Jalil to support our boys along with a crowd of about 70k others. 70k! Can you imagine? The stadium was filled to the brim, save for 2 columns which were evacuated, and lined with police, as a buffer and safety measure between Harimau Malaya and Indo fans.

We were so happy jumping all over the place after Azamuddin Akil's first goal, but when Mahali Jasuli doubled the lead 3 minutes later we went craaazy. It was as though we'd won the whole tournament already!

Thoroughly well deserved, despite a shaky start but they defended well throughout the second half to finish off with a clean sheet.

Best of luck to the team for their next match against Thailand. Let's defend the title!


Met the ever pretty national bowler, Zandra Aziela (who was also a guest on Football Overload last season) at the match.

A little inside story on a minor jersey dilemma I had before the match.

I had planned to wear the latest edition, courtesy of the kind peeps at Nike, similar to the one Zandra had on initially.

But it didn't occur to me that I'd sent the jersey to the laundry which was ready for pick up over a week ago and because I had to babysit my nieces that afternoon, when it was time to get ready to leave for the stadium it was too late to get it.

Can you spell avid procrastinator? I even downloaded an app called 'Do It Tomorrow' from Play Store. Unfortunately the app doesn't actually do your chores for you.

In hindsight though, it was a great move since the team played in their away jerseys too. Reem 1 - 0 Universe.

It was a great weekend for football (sorry goons and blues - we've all been there) as Liverpool also clinched a winner over Southampton! Do you realize how they always win when the match is on a Saturday? Coincidence no? Yes? Yes. Let's wait until the end of the season before we persuade the F.A to move all our matches over.

xo Reem
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