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Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't be fooled by the rocks that she's got, JLo will perform for you rain or shine - living up to the phrase, 'the show must go on'. It was crummy weather for a concert (in an uncovered stadium) but I think after Urbanscapes, Malaysians have embraced rain to incorporate colorful raincoats and wellies as an extension of their style.

The minute Miss Lopez stepped out though, it was more like, rain? what rain?

There's no other way to put it, I loved the show. Love love love. 4 days on, I'm still trying to find a cure for the inevitable symptoms of JLo withdrawal (on loop on my phone, laptop and car).

The concert was split into 4 parts: Old Hollywood Glamour, Back to the Bronx, Love (my fave!) and Partying complete with videos and choreographed dances in transition. Every element was thoughtfully placed, and nothing was put on without purpose. Above all she mastered her connection with the audience. Sort of makes you feel you're at a mamak having tehtarik with an old friend who's confiding in you. Okay, maybe more like cocktails at a bar with 'On the Floor' playing in the background.

There was plenty of entertainment, pyrotechnics, confetti, eye candy (omg her dancers are hotter than the hottest hot I've ever seen - *swoon*), energy and not forgetting booty action!! The lady can move! Her energy levels are insane.

Oh I could go on singing praises about her but here are a couple of snapshots from the concert;




Although the concert's known as the Dance Again World Tour, its underlying theme was essentially, love. In between songs, she asked the audience what is love, what it means when you find it, and what it personally meant to her.


About an hour into her set, she delivered a moving performance of 'Until It Beats No More' set against a video backdrop of her playing with her twins and gushed that “she finally found true love”. So sweet! We love you JLo, we do. Wouldn't put on a RM8 plastic raincoat or ruin our sandals walking in mud otherwise.

xo Reem

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