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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

...we all cheer and chant TGIF!

I don't know about you, but what I look forward to most when the weekend comes around is the chance to catch up with my family, friends and of course football (Check, check and check).

Last weekend though was not your typical average ordinary weekend because Malaysia beat Indonesia for a spot in the AFF Suzuki Cup semi-finals! (also, the one and only J Lo graced our shores with an amazingly, superb, fantastic performance that I'm still gushing about to everyone 2 days later - which deserves a post of it's own that I'll update soon).

I had the pleasure of being at Bukit Jalil to support our boys along with a crowd of about 70k others. 70k! Can you imagine? The stadium was filled to the brim, save for 2 columns which were evacuated, and lined with police, as a buffer and safety measure between Harimau Malaya and Indo fans.

We were so happy jumping all over the place after Azamuddin Akil's first goal, but when Mahali Jasuli doubled the lead 3 minutes later we went craaazy. It was as though we'd won the whole tournament already!

Thoroughly well deserved, despite a shaky start but they defended well throughout the second half to finish off with a clean sheet.

Best of luck to the team for their next match against Thailand. Let's defend the title!


Met the ever pretty national bowler, Zandra Aziela (who was also a guest on Football Overload last season) at the match.

A little inside story on a minor jersey dilemma I had before the match.

I had planned to wear the latest edition, courtesy of the kind peeps at Nike, similar to the one Zandra had on initially.

But it didn't occur to me that I'd sent the jersey to the laundry which was ready for pick up over a week ago and because I had to babysit my nieces that afternoon, when it was time to get ready to leave for the stadium it was too late to get it.

Can you spell avid procrastinator? I even downloaded an app called 'Do It Tomorrow' from Play Store. Unfortunately the app doesn't actually do your chores for you.

In hindsight though, it was a great move since the team played in their away jerseys too. Reem 1 - 0 Universe.

It was a great weekend for football (sorry goons and blues - we've all been there) as Liverpool also clinched a winner over Southampton! Do you realize how they always win when the match is on a Saturday? Coincidence no? Yes? Yes. Let's wait until the end of the season before we persuade the F.A to move all our matches over.

xo Reem

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  1. Hei reem! First glimpse of you on tv, i got stuck watching your show. Keep up the good overload sure is a different perspective on football.


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