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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hope the long weekend has put all of you in a well, jolly and rejuvenated state of mind to face the gritty grind once more.

I wish I was in a well, jolly and rejuvenated state of mind. I've had two cups of coffee already this morning just to keep up with the hustling! *yawn*

But that's just the blues talking after a great weekend where I finally popped my Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony cherry! I've never attended one before, usually only the wedding reception so I was pretty psyched to be a part of the groom's entourage to 'pick up' or more bluntly put, 'kidnap' the bride.

Just a little background on the groom - Hong's an ex school mate from Sayfol and we've pretty much known each other our whole lives. So it was only natural that he included girls as part of his heng dai (best men) gang.
From left: Rosie, Sophia, kopsalad, Carmen & Audrey


All dapper in our suit and tie - at 8am on a Saturday, no less - we looked like a group of sales men, lawyers, stock brokers, bankers depending on your perspective.

Since we had yellow ties on, one of the guys mentioned we looked like Maybank-ers.

The groom replied, "I don't have a Maybank account".

And another one answered, "That's why we're here!"

I didn't know what to expect of the challenges, so it was pretty nerve wrecking since I'd heard pretty horrific stories just before we got to the bride's house. Fortunately, the challenges were on a milder scale but no less kancheong (is that how you spell it?), and heaps of fun. One of the challenges included replicating yoga poses that put some of us in very compromising positions, if you know what I mean :)


Several challenges and bribes (for those who couldn't complete their tasks) later Hong finally got his Chantelle! And thus officiating the hashtag #hongchantelle2013


Later on that night at #hongchantelle2013's Disney themed wedding reception


Congrats again to the lovely couple and here's wishing them a long prosperous life together with enough babies to make a football team!

xo Reem

i knew you were trouble

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Taylor Swift is totally having a hold on me these days. I don't want to come off as a music snob that "puhhs" and "pahhs" at Top 40 stuff they play over and over again like Groundhog Day on drugs, but 90 percent of it is white noise to me. Not a racist joke, just you know that flat power sound that comes from your TV sometimes. Much like the thrash talk I got from United fans this week. Meaningless hubbub.

Gloat you devils! Gloat while you still can. Just as LFC's glory days back in the 80's have passed, yours will too. What can I say? I fall into the pits of sour grapes every now and then.

I'm not going to write another passage of Liverpool's eventual ascension into Championship Utopia. No. Because like love, they say once you stop searching for it, it'll find you. And all's fair in love... and war (someone should have told Suarez that it's not cheating unless you get caught). So to war we went.


Like the real gentle ladies that we are, we settled it the best way we knew how.

By letting the balls do the talking (no balls were harmed in the filming of this 'episode')


But then we came across WAG gossip online, and all was forgotten.


Never under estimate the power of gossip and its ability to bring women together.

p/s: Michelle Michael pulled a Jonathan Walters. Guess who won this battle?


xo Reem

a new year

Monday, January 7, 2013

How's your new year been so far? Broke any resolutions yet? Mine are still in check, as far as not eating fast food goes. McDonalds and KFC ain't got nothing on me!

While most might find January the equivalent of a Monday, I was pretty psyched to get back to work and start ticking off my list of 2013 goals. The blessing is in the seed they say, so kick off your year with a good beginning and the rest will follow suit.

That seed for Liverpool's new year? Possibly Sturridge's debut goal against Mansfield.

Danny boy could hold the key to what they've been lacking all season. His challenge is to make a substantial mark at Anfield, something he failed to do at previous clubs. Plus I read that Borini will be back to training this week, so that opens up our attacking options when we visit Old Trafford this weekend (oh, the nerves!!). Can't wait!

Speaking of this weekend (13th Jan - go flood him with birthday wishes), someone from the Football Overload couch is turning a year wiser (we hope).


In true FO fashion, we made AC stand on a chair while in the middle of a very crowded restaurant and sang the birthday song. One can never be too old be bestowed with this honour.


The Supersport family who tirelessly bring you football in all its glorious forms week in and out.

Have a great week everyone!

xo Reem

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