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Friday, January 9, 2015

You didn't think I'd forget you, did you?

I received a short handwritten thank you note from my best friend a couple of months back after her wedding, which really touched me, I almost drowned in my own tears. Zero cool factor, I know.


Maybe it was just an emotional trickle from going through such a big event in one's life - but relative to the evolution of communication through social media and pretty much fast paced everything these days, no Instagram 'like', Whatsapp heart emoticon, or Twitter's 140 characters can rival the good ol' pen and paper.

It's tangible, it actually takes time and effort - maybe only 1/100 of us carries a pen and paper on the go these days right? - and most of all, it's personal.

A little known story, I used to have penpals from all over the world thanks to the Liverpool official magazine. The magazine used to have a page similar to a classifieds section where people would exchange contacts and mail each other letters.

I wrote in with my profile once, next month boom I was featured and connected with other little Kop fans around the globe. A time before Facebook, this was how kids growing up in the 90's made friends. We used to even send little presents like bookmarks, charm bracelets or stickers. Totally missing those days!

But like all things we move on, so thekopsalad is my pen and paper to you. Here's to 2015!
xo Reem

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  1. Can we demand for a quaterly update from this space? 😝

    A sentimental piece. "But like all things we move on" phrase seems timely for our beloved Captain's imminent departure. Legendary status he is, even without a single EPL title under his belt. If only the great liverpool team of the 70s/80s came 20+ years later.

    😪 YNWA.


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