on not winning

Friday, May 8, 2015

While sports and daily living shares its parallels, I can't say winning is one of them.

In football a win is a status. It is the consequence of a tactical strategy well executed in 90 minutes. Repeat that success consistently in 38 games and you have the league title to boast, as Chelsea does. Crowned champions on game 35, with 3 to spare, is it too much to ask for the Blues to give back to the football community and give Liverpool a win this weekend?

This is what LFC fans have succumbed to. Charity.

In life however, winning should be a mentality to drive personal growth as opposed to a consequence of that growth. Which makes a lot of sense in all its philosophic theory. But realistically don't we all just want to win every once in a while?

Whether it's the thrill of getting a free lunch, a promotion at work or an unexpected reciprocation of affection from someone you carry a torch for.

It is validation. Validation for all the time, effort, money and be-ing that you've invested. And for once you feel alive. That this was all worth it. Whatever that 'all' is.

I realize getting to this point of writing this entry that I am so vague, I should probably just apply for a horoscope writing position. I was afraid to write the words out. But here they are staring back at me now. I am drained to my last ounce of hustle.

Some people, and I'm looking at you, Gerrard Pique - Premier League, La Liga and every single Spanish cup, Champions League, World Cup, Euro, SHA-freaking-KIRA - just can't seem to stop winning at life.

Which is an extreme example, but an example it is of how exactly your life, my life, is not.

I'm not hustling to win any league, well except maybe for Liverpool. I hope they eventually win a title instead of vying for a top 4 position every season.

I am fighting to be happier. I want to win the battle for happiness. Because lately this happy place just ceases to exist in my bubble.

I need to pop this bubble and blow a new one.

Maybe winning is the ability to control your thoughts and emotions when you lose everything.

xo Reem


  1. Damn. You just write SO well, Miss Reem. Please keep on!!!

  2. “The greater the difficulty, the more the glory in surmounting it.” - Epicurus

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  4. The ball is round. We'll never know. Istanbul will always be a reminder that we should never give up hope.

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