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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Okay admit it, you've missed me.

But not as much as I've missed you. I'm referring to blogging in case anyone thinks I'm so full of myself. Which is pretty valid sometimes.

As always I feel like I'm playing catch up with the kopsalad, because there's such long hiatuses between each post that I end up writing about not writing half the time. Although, does anyone even read these things anymore? That's how I convince myself it's okay not to update.

It's pretty similar to not going to the gym or exercising really.

Going back to high school, I was never that sporty athletic girl. Still don't have that lean mean body I dream of. Sports and me just don't jive. Maybe because it's too hot here in Malaysia. Maybe because I was never fast enough, or strong enough that I made up my mind early it wasn't for me altogether. The closest I got to sports was cheerleading - which I did end up being a captain for my team and bagging the winning trophy that year.

I guess it helped that despite my love for food, I didn't gain too much weight. So there was no real need for me to get into sports - like why get all sweaty, risk injury and worse, lose right?

Because realistically how many Ronaldo's can the world have? A homogeneous world of CR7's would render the real CR7 a norm. No bueno. There is that other dude who doesn't pay his taxes but then again, what has he won outside of club football?

Point is, why do we do anything at all if there's always someone bigger, better, stronger, faster than we are? Because at the end of the day we can be bigger, better, stronger, faster than we were yesterday. And that my friends is why we go about doing these little things we do - whether it's exercising, or blogging, or (insert whatever is relevant to you).

If the girl who hated sports (doing it, not watching it) can now do squats and burpees on a regular basis as a matter of choice, unforced, anything is possible. Even hail storms in our tropical home. Although, really that's not exactly a change for the best. Scratch that example but you know what I mean.


(this is not a sponsored post, and yes that's me)

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin to those celebrating! Don't say no one reminded you to work off all that oily, fattening, sugary, carbloaded BUT super delicious lontong, rendang and tart nenas. This is your sign.

xo Reem
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