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Saturday, June 24, 2017

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3 weeks have passed since Raya and I'm officially out of excuses.

Confession time:
I have fallen off the exercise band wagon since Feb this year. That's 5 months now!

My routine was 3-4 regular workouts a week whether at the gym, outdoors or even home workouts.

It stopped when shooting for Wishlist resumed early Feb. Our first trip was to New Orleans, then Orlando in March, Madrid in April, Gold Coast in May, Sabah in June and then there was Ramadhan followed by Raya. The rest of the time in between was for work, recovering from jet lag, then preparing for the next trip amidst the responsibilities of chores, family and very limited socializing. I did manage to squeeze a training session or two but way far off my usual routine. 

Once you stop, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this, it's SOOOO hard to get back into it. I'm not naturally athletic. Someone up there definitely missed out the exercise hormone when they created me. I psych myself by thinking that being unhealthy and fat will not make flattering selfies, and that my friends, is my motivation to get back on track.

It's time to say goodbye to the couch. I will miss you. And hello to the proverbial treadmill. I have missed you.

To make my goals clear, I've signed up for my MYBUDDIES RUN 2017. 
There's no turning back now. 

MYBUDDIES RUN is held in conjunction with National Day to celebrate the spirit of being Malaysians. Whether you race to the finish line, walk or stroll to enjoy the view, the most important thing is to have fun. Remember it's the journey, not the destination. 
Guess which category I signed up for?

21 KM - RM 100
10 KM – RM 85
05 KM – RM 75
Package 5km x 4 pax – RM 280

If you picked 21km, pat on the back! 
For having so much faith in me. 

Let's be real, I JUST started training again okay? 

I don't think I'll be walking away with any cash prizes anytime soon but that medal and tee will look good in my collection (obviously not the 21km finisher one but if you know anyone willing to trade after the race let me know! :))

That's your cue to join, and mine to get back to training.

See you at the finish line!
xo Reem


  1. Nice one, so when are you going to Liverpool again ?

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