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Friday, July 21, 2017

There's been an inner conflict I've had to battle with myself over the years since I started hosting on television.

As much as I love sports - football - Liverpool, a part of me equally loves fashion, skincare and makeup.

I always told myself that if I didn't make it in broadcasting and later on, sports journalism/hosting whatever you want to call it, I'd definitely try to make it in the fashion or beauty industry. 

I've been super blessed with how far football has taken me - from a stint on LFC TV (still pinch myself everyday), filming and watching some of the best football matches in the world including the World Cup and Euros to being involved with social media activations like a visit to Old Trafford (hey keep your friends close and your enemies CLOSER!). 

Publicly, I'm known as the football girl but in my personal life you can always find me at the aisles of Sephora, wondering which mask can make my pores look smaller. Still haven't found an amazing one by the way, let me know if you've tried anything good.

I've always sort of held back dabbling on anything too beauty related because I was afraid people might get confused. I'm expected to breathe, eat football - if not, I lose credibility. How can a girl even know anything about a guy's game in the first place. AND she likes makeup??? Cannot. 

They're parallel universes that don't interact let alone intertwine. Night and day. Sun and moon don't co-exist in the same space. 

Until there's an eclipse. 

So I got to thinking, why Reem, just why can't you work both football and beauty? Gender stereotypes are so 1999. 

Gender fluidity is now. 

Of course, being the less developed country we are, I get the occasional negative comment (public and through direct messages) - "this isn't the Reem I know" or "do something other than makeup".

Got it. Just be yourself and see who's down with that. Life lesson that can be applied to pretty much any situation. 

I'm a football beauty freak, and I'm okay with that!

Happy FriYAY.

xo Reem


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