Hello people!

I'm Reem Shahwa penning as thekopsalad.

What's with the name thekopsalad? Well it's meant to be an oxymoron of two extremes: football and well, uh, salad.

My crazy parents brought their 2 year old baby to her first ever match during the FA Cup Final between Conventry and Tottenham Hotspur - go figure the year. i'm not making my old age public - and the rest they say, is history.

I'm a huge fan of Liverpool (don't ask me why, don't ask me why, you need a strong heart to be a Kop in the 21st Century) and nation wise, I support Spain (no, not because they've won Euro '08, World Cup '10 & Euro '12 but due to the 'pool connection when Benitez was in charge).

Whilst being a football fanatic, I'm still your average every day girl who loves fashion and food!

So if you have a passion for football, food, fashion or all of the above this blog may just interest you! Bear in mind, everything on this blog is simply a matter of opinion so be nice okay? Brownie points for the well-mannered! :)
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