Wednesday, September 28, 2016

good things come in small packages

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While some girls call diamonds their best friends, I may be a little different. Not that I would mind receiving some of those sparkly gemstones for my upcoming birthday *cough*october31st*cough*

But a diamond has never rescued me from my stomach having a crazy circus run. When I don't have meals consistently at the right time, have foods that are too oily, too spicy, too milky, you name it, my tummy will act up. Which is pretty much all the time.

Probiotics on the other hand, which is another name for friendly bacteria helps neutralize the imbalances in your digestive system while keeping it healthy - and in my case, less embarrassing trips to the toilet. 

A bottle of Yakult may be small but don't be fooled by its size. It was developed by medical doctor and microbiologist, Dr Shirota back in 1935. Not just some business man who just wanted to create a regular drink to sell. Each bottle of Yakult contains over 30 billion good bacteria, also known as Lactobacillus casei Shirota (named after its founder) to keep the digestive system healthy. I take one each morning, and it's become so much a part of my daily routine just as much as coffee.

The Yakult that we get in Malaysia is made right here in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan where their factory is. They welcome visitors if you ever want to make a day trip out of it. You can spice up your dating routine instead of just going to the movies, no? 

Or even better than a trip to the factory, why not visit the country where Yakult was born? For the first time ever Yakult is giving you a once in a lifetime trip for you and your family to visit their own brand ambassadors! 

Malaysia's very own sweetheart Lara Lana and her so cool parents, I wish they were mine, Scha Alyahya and Awal Ashaari. Can you believe Lara's only 2  years old and has 2.2million followers on Instagram? You'll be making ALOT of people jealous when you win the trip.

For details on how to win this once in a lifetime trip watch the video here, and the full terms and conditions can be found here.

One small bottle, one big trip.

Doesn't a particular Lionel Messi come to mind? A reminder that some of the best things in life come in small packages. I still want a diamond for my birthday if my boyfriend is reading this. Good luck!

xo - Reem

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

hello again

Okay admit it, you've missed me.

But not as much as I've missed you. I'm referring to blogging in case anyone thinks I'm so full of myself. Which is pretty valid sometimes.

As always I feel like I'm playing catch up with the kopsalad, because there's such long hiatuses between each post that I end up writing about not writing half the time. Although, does anyone even read these things anymore? That's how I convince myself it's okay not to update.

It's pretty similar to not going to the gym or exercising really.

Going back to high school, I was never that sporty athletic girl. Still don't have that lean mean body I dream of. Sports and me just don't jive. Maybe because it's too hot here in Malaysia. Maybe because I was never fast enough, or strong enough that I made up my mind early it wasn't for me altogether. The closest I got to sports was cheerleading - which I did end up being a captain for my team and bagging the winning trophy that year.

I guess it helped that despite my love for food, I didn't gain too much weight. So there was no real need for me to get into sports - like why get all sweaty, risk injury and worse, lose right?

Because realistically how many Ronaldo's can the world have? A homogeneous world of CR7's would render the real CR7 a norm. No bueno. There is that other dude who doesn't pay his taxes but then again, what has he won outside of club football?

Point is, why do we do anything at all if there's always someone bigger, better, stronger, faster than we are? Because at the end of the day we can be bigger, better, stronger, faster than we were yesterday. And that my friends is why we go about doing these little things we do - whether it's exercising, or blogging, or (insert whatever is relevant to you).

If the girl who hated sports (doing it, not watching it) can now do squats and burpees on a regular basis as a matter of choice, unforced, anything is possible. Even hail storms in our tropical home. Although, really that's not exactly a change for the best. Scratch that example but you know what I mean.


(this is not a sponsored post, and yes that's me)

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin to those celebrating! Don't say no one reminded you to work off all that oily, fattening, sugary, carbloaded BUT super delicious lontong, rendang and tart nenas. This is your sign.

xo Reem

Monday, March 21, 2016

the stadium life

It's no secret, working in sports broadcasting especially when you're out on the field or traveling, all you'll get to see of a country is pretty much: airport - hotel - stadium - repeat. 

Not that I'm complaining.

So I decided to make a list of stadiums/arenas that I've been lucky enough to visit in case I get diagnosed with Alzheimer's by the age of 68. I initially wanted to write 50, but having the kind of luck that I do (of self-jinxing) I decided to extend my sanity a couple of years.

Anyway, the stadiums listed below are the ones I've watched a game in or done a stadium tour of.
I'm not including the ones the ones I've seen from outside (the likes of Yankee Stadium and Goodison Park) or any local stadiums in Malaysia, like Bukit Jalil, because those are of course, a given.

  1. Anfield, Liverpool
  2. Stamford Bridge, Chelsea
  3. Loftus Road, QPR
  4. Wembley Stadium 
  5. International Stadium, Yokohama
  6. Seattle Key Arena, Seattle
  7. Parc de Princes, PSG 
  8. Mestalla Stadium, Valencia  
  9. San Siro, Milan
  10. Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo
  11. Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha, Brasilia
  12. Arena Castelao, Fortaleza  
  13. Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador 
  14. Arena Pernambuco, Recife
  15. Stadium Jalan Besar, Singapore
  16. Singapore Indoor Stadium

16 stadiums and counting, which will be next?

xo - Reem

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

nothing tastes as good as healthy feels

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Being a sports presenter, I get asked this question all the time - "So, what sports do you play?"

Ummm. Please. Don't. Stereotype.

For someone who never says no to cake, I find other ways to keep my body and health in check.

Maybe I never really warmed up to the idea of competition. Leave the competing to the professionals. I'll stick to pilates, TRX, circuit training. The fitness goods.


Aside from the occasional cheat days, I watch what I eat. Your body is your temple, treat it with care. Not a waste basket you throw junk in.

So imagine when I found out about Zurich Omni Health, a medical plan that rewards you for staying healthy while covering your medical bills. Why didn't anyone think of this sooner??

Credit cards have had cash back campaigns for years.

Now by just spending time and effort on your health, Zurich will reward you 10% cash back for no claims bonus. If that's not enough to get you to the gym and swap your nasi lemaks for green juice, I don't know what else will.

Having said that, we are all built with different sets of genes and could be more prone to conditions like high cholesterol despite your diet.

The best part of the Zurich Omni Health plan is that it does not discriminate against those who already have health setbacks.

If say, you're battling high cholesterol while signing up for the plan you will be placed under the Z Wellness Care programme. Under this programme you will be given advice and guidance on how to live healthier and reduce said cholesterol levels.

If your health conditions improves by the end of your programme, your premiums will be reduced.

Props to Zurich for being the first in the market to offer this reward based plan for keeping healthy, eating clean and exercising. It's nice to get a pat on the back for all those hours you spend slaying at the gym and saying no to pizza right?

Click here for more information on the Zurich Omni Health plan
 or call their toll free number 1-300-888-662!

xo Reem

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

money matters

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Whoever said money can't buy you happiness has obviously never met or shall I say, read about the life of a footballer. Just at the top of my head - Sterling, Falcao, Bale have broken the internet respectively for their gajillian dollars transfer records and salaries.

I on the other hand, never understood the value of money or the concept of savings. Earn one ringgit, spend five ringgit. I get distracted by this word they call SALE. New clothes, new shoes, new bags are always so tempting.

A friend once said to me, everything you put money on besides property or land is a liability. You will never see that money again, or if you do, it won't be the same value you paid for it. I thank him for it until today.

Whatever it is, there will always be something that will demand for your money.

That's when I asked myself, why can't one of those demands be my future self? Why not "spend" on yourself instead of that big corporation who over charges for that cup of coffee?

I had the opportunity to meet many successful individuals from and due to FBS at the launch of their brand new office recently and was so inspired by their stories. I was also hoping to you know, absorb some good fortunes myself. *wishful thinking*

FBS is a financial company which has been around since 2009 and are present worldwide in countries such as Russia, Indonesia, Egypt, Philippines and of course Malaysia. 

Little did I know, FBS has acquired such a reputation earning many 'Best of the Best' titles which make them a favourite among hundreds of thousands traders! 

Was very honoured to pick up a few financial tips from the main man himself the CEO of FBS, Denis Slinkin.

I'm kick starting my journey to spend five ringgit and earn ten ringgit, like pronto at

And then, I can go ballin' like them footballers.

xo Reem

Saturday, October 10, 2015

from doubter to believer

Jurgen Klopp's first press conference as Liverpool manager had so many Pinterest worthy quotes.

By the end, I literally said out loud,  "I love this guy!".

Taken out of the football context his statements could apply to almost any dreary hoping-for-the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel situation without the often miscued overpromising.

The struggle is real. So stop trying to play it down, let alone skip it. 

This is where I move from talking about Liverpool, relevant as it is, to a more personal observation.

Every self righteous millennial wants it, wants it right now.  

But honey, Rome wasn't built in a day. 

You want fast anything go to McDonalds and eat your heart out on processed burgers and synthetic chips then fake your body into thinking its full when all you've eaten is junk. 

Pay your dues, put the time and work your ass off. Because the most beautiful makeup on a woman is passion and gratitude. 

The end of another chapter of my story is imminent. 31st October precisely. Some characters, some characteristics won't make it to the next. At some point you have to let go of what you think was going to happen and live in what's happening. And it definitely took time and experience for me to get a full grasp of that.

Cue Drake; started from the bottom now we're here. 

Before I forget: Welcome to the Kop Mr Klopp.

xo Reem

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

digital amnesia

I came across this term today and thought how fitting it was relative to my on-and-off willingness to immortalize my thoughts on this space.

You would think something as massive as Gerrard leaving Liverpool, would touch me enough for me to share my sentiments here. I felt everything. The sadness, the doom, the loss.

I shed a tear and then thought, 17 seasons that came to a stoking (is that a word?) 6-1 bust. Story of his career. Should I be writing all that down? No. And then I did. But only to remind myself why I didn't.

The consequence of having information at our fingertips has made every experience so fleeting. If I were at Anfield (or insert anything else here from celebrating birthdays to morbidly enough, the death of a pet) on matchday, I'd be Instagram-ming and Snapchat-ting the living daylights out of it.

I live behind and through the lens of my phone. Which just tells me I should really spend tons of money buying the best damn piece of tech since I spend 98.99% of my days on it. The smart people just call it benefit cost ratio. Or something along those lines.

So maybe Manchester City can justify their benefit-cost ratio when they get Sterling. Does anyone else thinks it's ironic his name is relative to the currency? Fleeting again. But who can blame him for wanting to go. Every player has a right to be rash in the ruthless world of football. Only a select few make it to the top and win titles. Time isn't a luxury for such a short lived career with the possibility of injury cutting it even shorter.

You can be the loyal Gerrard and win nothing but hearts. Or you can be a Sterling/Suarez and win in life. If work is your life.

I've always liked the number 31 over 8.

xo Reem