Tuesday, July 14, 2015

digital amnesia

I came across this term today and thought how fitting it was relative to my on-and-off willingness to immortalize my thoughts on this space.

You would think something as massive as Gerrard leaving Liverpool, would touch me enough for me to share my sentiments here. I felt everything. The sadness, the doom, the loss.

I shed a tear and then thought, 17 seasons that came to a stoking (is that a word?) 6-1 bust. Story of his career. Should I be writing all that down? No. And then I did. But only to remind myself why I didn't.

The consequence of having information at our fingertips has made every experience so fleeting. If I were at Anfield (or insert anything else here from celebrating birthdays to morbidly enough, the death of a pet) on matchday, I'd be Instagram-ming and Snapchat-ting the living daylights out of it.

I live behind and through the lens of my phone. Which just tells me I should really spend tons of money buying the best damn piece of tech since I spend 98.99% of my days on it. The smart people just call it benefit cost ratio. Or something along those lines.

So maybe Manchester City can justify their benefit-cost ratio when they get Sterling. Does anyone else thinks it's ironic his name is relative to the currency? Fleeting again. But who can blame him for wanting to go. Every player has a right to be rash in the ruthless world of football. Only a select few make it to the top and win titles. Time isn't a luxury for such a short lived career with the possibility of injury cutting it even shorter.

You can be the loyal Gerrard and win nothing but hearts. Or you can be a Sterling/Suarez and win in life. If work is your life.

I've always liked the number 31 over 8.

xo Reem

Friday, May 8, 2015

on not winning

While sports and daily living shares its parallels, I can't say winning is one of them.

In football a win is a status. It is the consequence of a tactical strategy well executed in 90 minutes. Repeat that success consistently in 38 games and you have the league title to boast, as Chelsea does. Crowned champions on game 35, with 3 to spare, is it too much to ask for the Blues to give back to the football community and give Liverpool a win this weekend?

This is what LFC fans have succumbed to. Charity.

In life however, winning should be a mentality to drive personal growth as opposed to a consequence of that growth. Which makes a lot of sense in all its philosophic theory. But realistically don't we all just want to win every once in a while?

Whether it's the thrill of getting a free lunch, a promotion at work or an unexpected reciprocation of affection from someone you carry a torch for.

It is validation. Validation for all the time, effort, money and be-ing that you've invested. And for once you feel alive. That this was all worth it. Whatever that 'all' is.

I realize getting to this point of writing this entry that I am so vague, I should probably just apply for a horoscope writing position. I was afraid to write the words out. But here they are staring back at me now. I am drained to my last ounce of hustle.

Some people, and I'm looking at you, Gerrard Pique - Premier League, La Liga and every single Spanish cup, Champions League, World Cup, Euro, SHA-freaking-KIRA - just can't seem to stop winning at life.

Which is an extreme example, but an example it is of how exactly your life, my life, is not.

I'm not hustling to win any league, well except maybe for Liverpool. I hope they eventually win a title instead of vying for a top 4 position every season.

I am fighting to be happier. I want to win the battle for happiness. Because lately this happy place just ceases to exist in my bubble.

I need to pop this bubble and blow a new one.

Maybe winning is the ability to control your thoughts and emotions when you lose everything.

xo Reem

Monday, March 23, 2015


Weddings! What can I say that hasn't already been said about them? It always give me that warm fuzzy feeling inside, reinstating my belief that soul mates will and can find their way to each other.

Audrey is one of those girls who truly deserves all the happiness in the world because that is precisely what she exudes to those around her. Beautiful inside and out, her only flaw is that she always puts other people's thoughts and feelings before hers. So lucky to call her a friend the past 16 years, and then, a chi mui + bridesmaid on her big day. 

For the gatecrashing ceremony, the grooms men came as superheroes while the bridesmaids were Rambos. We made the challenges exceptionally tough, not to mention expensive. All in the name of love. The minute they arrived, the torture began as those of us with Nerf guns shot mercilessly, and those with canes (we thought of everything!) went on a whipping spree. What can I say, it was a power trip indeed.

When the fun and games were over, it was time for the fairytale reception in the evening. Unfortunately rain wanted in on the festivities too, which meant the exchange of vows had to be pushed inside the venue denying us the beautiful backdrop of the forest but it was a magical night none the less. Felt like a scene straight out of the Twilight movie.

Wishing you eternal love and bliss with Aleel.
9 months from now, tick tock the stork is on the block...

xo Reem

Sunday, March 15, 2015

survival of the fittest

I've never been a sporty girl.

Sports Day back in school meant getting dressed up in a cheerleading outfit. That was my sport. There are medals and trophies when you winning in cheerleading too.

Final year in high school, I captained the squad, and we won. 

Cheering while doing splits and cartwheels were the only time I allowed myself to be seen sweating publicly. It's called vanity. I'm not even going to try and make up an excuse for it. 

I skipped PE classes as often as I could, took jazz dance and French cooking classes for extra curricular activities. I tried horse riding once, but gave up after my third class.

You get the picture. 

I loved watching sports though. So much that when my friends were buying Seventeen and Cosmopolitan magazines, I was attracted to Match & Liverpool FC.

These days though, ask me to choose between going for a candlelit dinner at KL's best restaurant or hike up Broga Hill, the latter wins. True dating story right there. 

My friends from school find it hard to believe that I run. I was called chicken legs for the way I ran. Granted, I've never done a marathon but if you told me I'd travel to Bangkok to run a 15km race back then I would've called you crazy. 

Even crazier, I think sweaty is SEXY. A strong body is sexy. 

And that boost in spirit from the release of endorphins - amazing! It can make a bad day go up, up, up!

Don't get me wrong, I haven't turned into a fitness freak that fuels on bananas and eggs every morning. That will probably never be my lifestyle, nor will I ever have an athlete's body. I don't think anyone should ever feel bad about their body type. But it's incredible what the body can do when you put your mind to it.

It's about balancing it all to suit your lifestyle and making time for some form of cardio or strength training in your week. Plus it's a fab way to socialize! Especially for people who complain that there's nothing to do in KL. 

At least you won't feel too guilty indulging in that slice of chocolate cake right? Or in my case, fries. Sweet potato or truffle. Yummmmm.

xo Reem

Friday, March 13, 2015

stripped down

The past few weeks have been a trying one, technologically, for thekopsalad.

I've moved both blog and domain hosts, encountering countless teething problems on the way that I just couldn't put my finger on. 

Siri (my new virtual BFF - bye Google) found me plenty of tutorials and "moving your blog from xxx to xxx" how-to's which helped to an extent however there was always something that didn't appear quite right. There was a ton of backend DNS & HTML altering which almost fried my brains out. No comprende.

This is what happens when a Broadcast Journalism & PR graduate tries to get her hands virtually dirty. Tech noob maximus. 

It was by a stroke of chance that I finally figured the missing link, which was more common sense than tech knowledge that no tutorial bothered to spell out.

Bless you my tech guardian angels. And especially my blog manager Melissa, who's always pushing me to make the best of this space. I would have given up without her because I have no will power like that. 

But I'm so happy that the blog has turned out this way now, and I can write peacefully again. Because of everything that I do and have ever done creatively, writing has always been my number one passion. Over television, over radio. 

I have two other blogs, more personal ones that I've locked up since having a very 'public career'. 

However, I've decided that I want to share a little bit more than I was ready to before through thekopsalad both personal and career wise. Without of course leaving out my football musings. I can't help it, I've been buying Match and Liverpool FC Magazine since I was 10!

xo Reem

Sunday, March 1, 2015

new host

Wasn't it just yesterday we celebrated the new year and now it's March already???

As a professional in the field of procrastination, I say with full credibility that while you're telling yourself there's a tomorrow to do the things you should've done today, someone else who has more will and less ADHD has already gone ahead and done the deed. You then will sulk, gripe and whimper, "but I had that idea first". To which no one really cares, because honestly everyone has their own version of this story on top of other first world problems like how slow the wifi at this cafe is. 

But dude, you didn't even start. Moral of the story, that first step is the beginning to a thousand more.

My next step with thekopsalad is, well... that will be revealed when the time is right. For now though, I've moved hosting sites and modified the design a little. Hope you like the new look that's still in line with everything minimalistic. Monochrome never goes out of style!

To those who've subscribed to my blog on the previous site, I think you may need to re-subscribe on this new one in order to continue getting alerts.

Thanks for all the support throughout the years!

xo Reem

Sunday, February 8, 2015

time out

Work has been taking up a lot of my time these days. I say that as a fact, not a complaint.

I guess this is the story of our lives, especially right now when we're still considerably young and at our prime. I mean, we can't be grinding this hard at 50. Or can we?

Not wanting to feel left out, since everyone with a 9-5 had a long break last week with Federal Territory and Thaipusam, I decided to take a little time out myself. Radio does not give us the luxury of public holidays, and I hadn't had a weekend off since the New Year.

Singapore had to suffice for for my little break. It's only a 45 minute plane ride away, and the added bonus was I would be able to catch up with my merlion dwelling friends.


Checked in to the St Regis. The lifts were so slow, but I think that was by intent.

Like the ride itself was supposed to be an experience. The other lifts even had sofas in them, but I was too busy 'experiencing' sitting in the lift I forgot to take a selfie.



Caught up with my friends and carb loaded on truffle fries (we ordered 1.2kg worth of fries!!!) and date pudding

IMG_1194 IMG_1197

The following day I stayed in the hotel ALL day, and booked myself a spa session.

BEST MASSAGE EVER! Seriously, if you ever visit Singapore please, please stop by the Remede Spa at St Regis and request for a customised massage by Cat. Best decision of my life!


A slightly healthier option after that carb fest. But just couldn't say no to french brioche ;p


As if the spa session wasn't enough, I put on some jazz music and soaked in the tub until my fingers wrinkled


YUP, I was in the tub until 1.30am. Right up to the Chelsea vs City match

Oh what a weekend! Short and sweet with friends, spa and watching football in a tub.

Doesn't get any better than that!

xo Reem