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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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Whoever said money can't buy you happiness has obviously never met or shall I say, read about the life of a footballer. Just at the top of my head - Sterling, Falcao, Bale have broken the internet respectively for their gajillian dollars transfer records and salaries.

I on the other hand, never understood the value of money or the concept of savings. Earn one ringgit, spend five ringgit. I get distracted by this word they call SALE. New clothes, new shoes, new bags are always so tempting.

A friend once said to me, everything you put money on besides property or land is a liability. You will never see that money again, or if you do, it won't be the same value you paid for it. I thank him for it until today.

Whatever it is, there will always be something that will demand for your money.

That's when I asked myself, why can't one of those demands be my future self? Why not "spend" on yourself instead of that big corporation who over charges for that cup of coffee?

I had the opportunity to meet many successful individuals from and due to FBS at the launch of their brand new office recently and was so inspired by their stories. I was also hoping to you know, absorb some good fortunes myself. *wishful thinking*

FBS is a financial company which has been around since 2009 and are present worldwide in countries such as Russia, Indonesia, Egypt, Philippines and of course Malaysia. 

Little did I know, FBS has acquired such a reputation earning many 'Best of the Best' titles which make them a favourite among hundreds of thousands traders! 

Was very honoured to pick up a few financial tips from the main man himself the CEO of FBS, Denis Slinkin.

I'm kick starting my journey to spend five ringgit and earn ten ringgit, like pronto at

And then, I can go ballin' like them footballers.

xo Reem


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